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Are you waking up with headaches and jaw pain due to grinding your teeth at night? Grinding your teeth not only interrupts your sleep and causes you pain, but it can also potentially cause serious damage to your teeth?including tooth trauma, tooth loss and receding gums.

Protect your teeth with a custom-fitted night guard! Your mouth guard will serve as a protective barrier between your teeth and prevent friction from causing damage. Wearing a night guard is an effective and comfortable way to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding.

NTI Night Guards

If you?re experiencing chronic headaches and migraines by involuntary night-time teeth clenching, let Dental Connection help you with NTI tension suppressing night guards. The NTI?night guard is a small, transparent device that is worn over your two front teeth while you sleep to prevent contact between the canines and molars. As opposed to other traditional night guards, the NTI night guard prevents both grinding and headaches/migraines. The NTI night guard is also custom-fitted to ensure a comfortable fit.


  • prevents migraine pain
  • prevents tension-type headache pain
  • can help prevent jaw disorders
  • prevents teeth grinding

Don?t live with painful migraines and headaches, contact Dental Connection at (704 987-9087 and learn how the NTI night guard can help you.


Dr. Modlin earned his BS in biological sciences, cum laude from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and his D.D.S. from UNC School of Dentistry, graduating with Honors. Dr. Modlin enjoys helping create beautiful, healthy smiles on a daily basis. He is active in the dental community and is a member of the ADA, North Carolina Dental Society, and Academy of General Dentistry. As a former Eagle Scout, Dr. Modlin loves the outdoors, as well as watching movies, reading, and spending time with his family. He, his wife Brooke and their son Jackson reside in the Lake Norman area.

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